In a state of discovery

Walking in the shadows, a stranger learns the battles of life through every breath he takes, striving, for the light ahead.

First time getting an x-ray done

Currently at the doctors waiting to get my swollen ankle and for checked. Hopefully nothing wrong.

The tag says it all

Shit I need to go see a doctor cuz this ankle is still swollen and now my left foot looks BIG when compared to the right foot

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever change

Now I have a headache too and my whole body aches.

I just wanna get back in bed, put an ice pack on my ankle, take a Tylenol and call it a day.

Starting classes in a week and I still need to pay my balance and then register for classes. Talk about procrastinating much.


Injured and going to work. This sucks. Ankle is swollen and thus I’m currently limping because I can’t put a lot of pressure on it.

A coworker of mine at Gap went on a 15 today and was never to be seen or heard from again.